My Story

 I remember the day I decided to STOP just being a customer but to become a SCENTSY Consultant. Life was good with a great husband, three fabulous step-sons, and an amazing corporate job. I desired more! My husband and I were tired of shuffling the boys around and having someone else care for them during their school breaks and I desperately wanted to have a baby. So, while working full time I took the plunge... I signed up for SCENTSY! My journey of happiness truly began. After 7 short months, I was able to quit my job and be home with the boys that summer. It was an amazing bonding time for us all. Then Nash was born and my life was complete. As I look back at that choice I made November of 2007, I realize what SCENTSY has done for my family's life. I have this incredibly successful business (I started for a mere $99) that I work when it is best for me, not when it is best for a boss or board.   SCENTSY has allowed me to be home with my family without having to miss out on life's pleasures. I still use my computer and leadership skills and get to interact with some of the most extraordinary individuals. SCENTSY has taken me on amazing trips and given me the confidence and courage to handle almost anything. And, SCENTSY has given me the financial stability without having to sacrifice what is best for me and my family.Direct sales is the only place you can start with nothing and end up having it all. Unlimited opportunities to grow & succeed, work from home & be your own boss, and get paid top dollar to do so.  Scentsy is the fastest growing home-based business in the United States and is now an opportunity in Canada and Europe. You too, can stay home with your family.  Stop missing out on your children's activities.  Stop having to work away from your home.  Start enjoying the benefits of an amazing business opportunity. I have chosen to make SCENTSY my business. I would love you to JOIN me on this amazing journey and watch SCENTSY change your life as well. I am confident it is a decision you will never regret!   CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS THE AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES SCENTSY HAS TO OFFER YOU. (208)412-2949Vanessa Dancer<!--endbody-->